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will be called to rome. once arrive they're shut into the vatican ask will vote every day. if a two thirds vote is not reached after 30 ballots a majority is enough to elect a new pope. the ballots are burned to and popes to have a new pope by easter, march 31 this, year. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 we'll focus on one facet of the legacy, how he handled revelations during his time at the vatican. >> you can find information on our web site abc 7 >> now, new developments in the hunt for the fired los angeles police officer wanted for three killings. the riverside county district attorney filed murder charges against christopher dorner today. he remains on the run from the law. police contacted his family, hoping they might convince him to surrender. td evidence includes a manifesto in which he named potential targets it speaks for itself in evidence of an abandoned mind and heart. and cowardly way owe ambushed your public servants. >> the manhunt continues to center in the big bear area 80 miles east of los angeles that. is where authorities found his burned out truck. he can fa
priests of inappropriate behavior. according to a newspaper the acts dated back to 1980s and the vatican announced outgoing pope benedict and his successor would be the only two people to see the results of an investigation into misconduct in the catholic chu. italian media report details evidence of corruption, black mail and a gay sex ring. the vatican denied accounts. >> the pope enacted a major change to church law allowing cardinals to call the conclave earlier than what is current lay loued allowing them to install a new pope before holy week begins march 24th thj year. >> the pope will step down this thursday, among those who will choose his successor is the( t former are bishop of san francisco. >> abc 7 news's carolyn tyler has the story. >> he heads to rome tomorrow. today, spoke before faculty at st. patrick's seminary and university in menlo%omt park. he is preparing to take part in this process known as the conclave, he will be among 117 cardinals from all over the world who are under the age of tow leader of the roman catholic church. >> one needs to look for a a person who
from vatican city starting early in the morning. >> apple coe addresses investors among slumping stock prices and another tough quarter for groupon. hi, emily. >> good afternoon, larry, carrow lib. tim cook isn't just an active talks about what to do with the company's cash pile. he said he's in quote, very, very active talks to do something today at the share holder meet fwhaug didn't seem to satisfy investors. shares ended the day down about 1%. cook is under pressure to return some to shareholders when asking about rising competition cook said apple is focused on the long term, new product areas but gave no additional details. >> groupon loses a quarter of the value after disappointing earnings for the daily deals site. shares trading down 25% after groupon reported revenues dropping 30% with it's loss widening to more than $81 million. stocks surging today on better than expected housing data. your bloomberg silicon valley index higher as well. google and intel leading those gains. the first intagram pictures emerging from north korea. the country just started to give foreigners 3
there is new individual yof a lightning storm. >> we're learning details about benedict's health. vatican revealed he had a pace maker and underwent a procedure to change the batteries.^aqç he plans to move into this monastery to continue his study autos let's check on the forecast now. >> it's another beautiful day in the hood. sunny skies across the bay area, we have clouds lurking off shore, low clouds might touch land areas overnight tonight. temperatures around 60 degrees though we're down to 54 here in san francisco. let's take a look at next 24 hours, patchy fog is developing but mostly clear skies it will be chilly in spots around the north bay and east way, low temperatures ranging from 34 to 45 and by afternoon, temperatures up to about 60s on the koevt, mid-60s inland. warmer, still. >> thank you. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 continuing to monitor breaking news in big bear. a fugitive former lapd officer is now barricaded inside of a cabin. officers under a standoff with christopher dorner. >> he's one of the richest people in america. mark zucker interg also one of th
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4